Photos of our time in Iowa


Yet another memorial gift of flowers...


I thought Solitaire was a one person game?
Travis, Katie, and Kaitlin get into the game!


A few photos from Tracy:

Judy, Jan, Diane, & Dudley


The grandkids


Greatgrandkids Anna Olson & Eamonn Wayson liven up the reception
January 9, 2001


Greatgrandsons Travis Olson (dentist) and Eamonn Wayson (patient)


Chris & Jessica


Kaitlin Wayson, Katie Olson, and Jessica Miller


Travis Olson, Eamonn Wayson, Kaitlin Wayson, Anna Olson, Katie Olson, Jessica Miller


Chris Miller, Joe Miller, Heather Wilson, Jeff Coombs, Kathy Olson, Tracy Coombs, Kent Wayson, Johnny Coombs, Tim Miller
Kneeling in front: Brian Wayson, Colleen Miller


Tracy and Jeff playing in the snow


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